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Sneak Peek at Oceans Deep!


I can’t believe it! I’m Mrs. Jamal Parker! All I can do is smile as I stare at my ring finger. My engagement ring is a platinum, princess cut two-carat diamond ring. My wedding band is a platinum seven-diamond channel. I loved my wedding dress even though it took me two months to find. I know a wedding is only for one day, but I didn’t want to wear just any dress. I was marrying my best friend. I had waited so long to meet my husband, and it surprised me when it turned out to be Jamal.


My wedding dress was an ivory lace off-the-shoulder mermaid gown. I loved its floor length with a court train and a scoop neckline. I loved the tulle and the flower-laced patterns that run from my shoulders all the way down the train. The way Jamal stared at me as I walked down the aisle confirmed that I had made the right choice.


I am now standing in the master bedroom of a beach house in Nassau, New Providence, the Bahamas. I can’t describe the beauty of this place. I’ve never seen water so clear. The beach looks like a postcard. I still can’t believe Jamal’s parents sent us here as a wedding present. I nearly passed out when they surprised us with their gift during the reception.


The Wedding Day


Mr. Parker, Jamal’s father, looked debonair in his black tux. His bald head made him look distinguished; for a man in his mid-fifties, he was in great shape. Jamal looks like him, but he has his mother’s brown eyes. Mr. Parker has hazel eyes.


I was in tears over the speech my own father gave and I didn't know if I could take much more. He said I would always be his little girl and was happy that I had found happiness. Thank God for waterproof mascara. I chose more of a natural look with regards to my makeup, but my eyes did make a statement with the purple eye shadow to bring out my brown eyes. I went with purple, silver, and white for my wedding colors. Jamal didn’t care, he just wanted to marry me. I felt his arm drape over my shoulder.


Mr. Parker cleared his throat once he took the microphone. He appeared to be holding a manila folder tucked underneath his arm. “Yazmin and Jamal, I’ve watched you two these last twenty years and I’ve seen the friendship you two have shared. Yazmin, I want you to know that I already had you picked for my son, but it took him a while to reach this conclusion. I Love you, son.”


The crowd laughed as Jamal covered his face with his hands. I kissed his cheek.


“Anyway, you two started off as friends, and that’s what’s going to keep you together. Marriage is not easy, but it’s worth it. No matter what life throws at you, never give up on each other. You two were made for each other. Remember that. Yazmin, I can see how much you love my son and I know he adores you. I wish you both the best.” He raised his glass and the rest of the crowd joined in.


By now I was dabbing my eyes with my napkin. Jamal walked over to hug his dad. I stood to join the embrace, but when Mr. Parker signaled his wife to join us, I was certain something was up. Mrs. Parker stood at five seven with salt peppered shoulder-length hair. She regarded herself as a full-figured woman and was always telling me that a man likes meat on his woman. I always laughed it off since she knows I struggled with my weight growing up. I like my size-six body.


“As a gift,” Mr. Parker continued, “we are sending you on an all-expense paid seven-day honeymoon to Paradise Island, the Bahamas.”